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About Our Organization

The Boy Scouts of America promotes comprehensive youth development – we provide an educational program for young men and women (up to age 21) to develop good character traits, train in the responsibilities of citizenship, and develop personal fitness.

The Great Sauk Trail Council serves a six county area that includes Monroe County, the city of Flat Rock, and the additional counties of Hillsdale, Lenawee, Livingston, Jackson, and Washtenaw, and eastern Calhoun County.

Our methods and activities include:

  • Our Ideals – Repeated declaration of the Cub Scout promise at every meeting reminds the boys of good citizenship and respect for others. The Boy Scout Oath and law are a continual reminder of duty to God, country, community, and self.

  • Our Uniforms – Provides boys with a sense of belonging. Creates a positive youth image in the community.

  • The Den and patrol concepts – Boys are organized into small groups, learning social interaction to accomplish goals, have fun, develop leadership.

  • Advancement – The advancement system provides incentives for boys to achieve, and get recognition for accomplishments. Boys develop initiative and self-esteem.

  • Leadership Development – Scouting provides opportunities for boys to lead their den or patrol, hold troop leadership positions, preside at ceremonies, organize unit activities, teach younger boys. The “boy-led” troop is the model to strive for, where boys develop activities, and organize and conduct them. Leaders coach, assist, and ensure safety.

  • Outdoor Activities – A major tenet of the Scouting program (“Keep the outing in Scouting” is the bylaw). Outdoor activities challenge boys with planning and organizational skills. They promote fun and physical fitness, opportunities for advancement, and respect for the environment. They provide memories to last a lifetime. Our camp properties provide the setting to facilitate delivery of our program to the youth. “Camperships” assist financially stressed families in sending their boys to camp.

  • Adult association – Cub Scout program stresses family involvement and the importance of the family unit. Boy Scouts learn from the examples of their adult leaders. Scouting provides opportunities for boys to enjoy an active, fun environment with adults, rather than be supervised by adults.

  • Community Service – We work with youth to develop their potential to be the good citizens of the future. We do this by:

    • Training youth to give back to the community through service projects;
    • Educating youth on the plight of unfortunate members of our community, and the need to assist them;
    • Teaching youth the individual responsibility and self-reliance that will diminish the frequency of events requiring community intervention in the future.

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